Responsive Websites

SGA Websites is a web design company run by Silvio Gutierrez. It was started in 2005 and has continued to grow, from only one employee and no websites to one employee and many websites. My philosophy is simple: keep it personal. I treat my clients like people, not numbers.

I make minimalist, highly-functional web applications. Be it a simple brochure or a complex content management system, you'll receive an accessible and responsive result.


Ask any previous client, and you'll hear I'm all for talking on the phone. Email can and will be useful, but sometimes there's nothing like a good phone conversation to get your point across. I understand this and encourage it.


But what about the websites themselves? I build sites that are easy on the eyes and practical.
You won't find spinning menus, unsolicited music, or pointless introductions. What you will find is a standards compliant product that works as intended: it provides the user with information. The good looks are just a perk.


The secret is out: mobile and tablet usage is skyrocketing. And your site should adapt to your visitors, not the other way around. Making a simplified and limited version of your application for these devices is no longer an option. One destination, working with multiple devices. That's the future.